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Some infections that can affect your sexual life are not as dangerous as others. Thrush is one of them. It is very common and surprisingly you can be at risk even without contact with infected individuals. Three quarters of the female population in the Western Hemisphere is affected by thrush at some point in their life. It won’t go away by itself unfortunately. If you suspect to have acquired thrush it is generally advised to go for a check-up to your local GP surgery where you can be advised further on your infection. Thrush symptoms typically include severe itching, burning and a white-grey discharge from the affected area. Diagnosis is typically done through examination of the bacterial flora under a microscope.

There are numerous solutions available on the market which will help you get rid of the infection. Some have unique design which helps you to treat the infection at it’s very origin. A great example of that is Canesten Gel which comes in a teardrop shape container helping you to apply the gel where it matters most. They have also created a very informative video which you might want to see. All your concerns are addressed in a non-offensive, yet detailed manner. For further details visit: http://www. canesten. co.

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