The HeartMath’s Quick Coherence Technique: It only takes ONE MINUTE, so use it anytime, anywhere. Please read the disclaimer at www. energysense. in Focus your attention on the area of the heart, the area in the centre of your chest. If you prefer, the first couple of times you try it, place your hand over the center of your chest to help keep your attention in the heart area.

Breathe deeply but normally and feel as if your breath is coming in and out through your heart area. Continue breathing with ease until you find a natural inner rhythm that feels good to you. This is the most important step. As you maintain your heart focus and breathing, activate a positive feeling. Recall a positive feeling, a time when you felt good inside, and try to re-experience the feeling.

One of the easiest ways to generate a positive, heart-based feeling is to remember a special place you’ve been to or the love you feel for a close friend or family member or treasured pet. You can do the Quick Coherence® Technique anytime, anywhere and no one will know you’re doing it. In less than a minute, it creates positive changes in your heart rhythms, sending powerful signals to the brain that can improve how you’re feeling. Apply this one-minute technique first thing in the morning, before or during phone calls or meetings, in the middle of a difficult conversation, when you feel overwhelmed or pressed for time, or anytime you simply want to practice increasing your coherence. You can also use Quick Coherence whenever you need more coordination, speed and fluidity in your reactions.

HeartMath is a new technology that has broad applications in stress reduction, rehabilitation, and performance enhancement. HeartMath techniques have been proven to facilitate rapid, profound, and enduring improvements in a wide variety of conditions. In studying the science of the heart, The Institute of HeartMath has discovered is that your heart rhythms have an impact on your thinking. When your heart rhythm is coherent (smooth and orderly), you are able to access higher-thinking centers in your brain, so you can think more clearly and see more options or solutions to problems. When your heart becomes incoherent, this access becomes inhibited and you are likely to find your reactions are slower and you are not able to think so clearly.

Mind-body connection is the most powerful access you have to your own healing. If we are capable of creating ill health, through our thoughts, then we can also heal ourselves to the same extent. Pain and other symptoms can also be maintained unconsciously as a distraction from emotional issues. When you have experienced emotional trauma you may be holding some of that pain in your body. But your mind can have a positive effect on your health.

Having a positive outlook on life might help you better handle pain or stress and stay healthier than someone who is less hopeful. Understand that your subconscious mind has control over your physical body. Communicating with the subconscious is the key to successful mind-body work. The subconscious mind is protective of our body. When you are physically or emotionally stressed, your body releases stress hormones that can affect all your systems and organs.

One effective mind-body technique that anyone can do is called guided imagery. Guided imagery is based on the concept that your body and mind are connected. The ancient Taoists, who were the founding fathers of Chinese medicine, understood the healing nature of a smile. In fact they developed a meditation practice whereby you hold a smile on your face and direct that energy inwards to your internal organs. It’s one of my favorite meditations because it is so gentle.

I like to practice this mediation outside in the summer with the sun on my face but really it’s a wonderful easy healing mediation to do any time you find yourself with a few spare minutes. The instructions are simple. You may find that some organs are particularly stubborn. Some seem to refuse to receive the smiling energy and feel surprisingly tense and tight. In Chinese medicine  according to the five element system each organ has an emotion that corresponds to it and so sometimes it’s worth exploring that emotion if you find one of your organs to be particularly unreceptive.

Modern science echos the Taoist’s theories by finding that a smile lowers the stress hormones cortisol, adrenalin and noradrenaline and produces hormones which stabilize blood pressure, relax muscles, improve respiration and increase your sense of well being whilst giving you energy a boost. So give this deceptively simple mediation a try. There is both ancient and modern wisdom that says it works. More and more of the old is being released. The old patterns, the old crystallized and fossilized habits and things, old thinking, etc.

This is bringing in immense CLEANSING – Remember in meditation to ask Archangels Michael and Raphael to cut all those old negative attachments, cords and things out of body, and auric fields and for remove old crystallized patterns and things from your third eye area. Archangel Michael works with the THROAT chakra – in speaking your truth, in being able to speak up for yourself and others etc. Ask him to work on this area and to remove any blockages there. Archangel Uriel works with the solar plexus area and a lot of insecurities and things blocking our abundance consciousness and those things we have not made peace this, clogs this area. Some people get envious and stick knives in there or into the small of our backs – ask Uriel to remove them and/or show you what patterns of thinking and feeling need to be release here and to cleanse your solar plexus.

THIS IS YOUR ENERGY CENTER AND WHEN THIS IS CLOGGED UP THE REST OF YOU IS CLOGGED UP. Uriel is also the Archangel of PEACE and ask him to send his angels of peace to surround you. Archangel Gabriel works with the BASE AND SEXUAL Chakras, the womb in women and these are the NURTURING centres. When we have fears of lack, or feel insecure about our livelihood, these chakras get affected, and when we are in any way unsure, about our womb area, or feel used or abused in any way, or have pain in our sexual areas, then he is the Archangel to call in, with Raphael to clear blocks there and Raphael and Michael to cut out negative cords and attachment from the womb area. I find that that as soon as these area are regularly cleansed, the more energized and lighter one feels and becomes.

Archangel Chamuel is the beautiful Archangel of LOVE and she helps you to open up your heart center and open up to more and more love and become LOVE and LOVING . Archangel ZADKIEL works with the GOLD SILVER VIOLET FLAME of transmutation, and we can call on him to cleanse our energy fields of all negativity etc. Archangel Jophiel is a beautiful Archangel, and shimmer sheer whitegold – the Archangel of WISDOM … He clears your thoughts, your inner space, your home and work space. He also helps with wisdom in your daily life and insights. Archangel Metatron is a mighty archangel who loves working with the new children – so if you are a parent or teacher, this is the Archangel to call upon.

He is also one who works with sacred geometry, and DISCIPLINE – so if you need to become focused, and need to be motivated – here is your Archangel. He works with the Earth’s energy fields and the Web of Light. Archangel Sandalphon is EARTH ARCHANGEL, and works with the beautifying of the earth. He is also A MUSE – so if you need to be inspired, call on him and also to help to promote your work. Archangel RAZIEL works with sacred geometry, ancient knowledge and wisdom and well as the Higher Knowledge and Higher Healing.

We are allowed to call upon these mighty Beings anytime, if our intentions are pure and we truly wish to be used in HIGHER SERVICE to the DIVINE. ~ Judith Kusel Chakra blockages are a common energetic problem. Fear can be stored in our muscles, cells, organs and in our energy system and this can hold us back. Fear is mostly a physical sensation. It may involve a tightening in your chest or gut, palpitations, sweating, tightening in your neck, or other sensations.

Fear is the basis of all disease in the body. The Root Chakra, located at the base of the spine deals with survival, and is blocked by fear, fear about security,  survival, ungrounded, feeling of not belonging anywhere, weak constitution; or overly practical, lacking dreams and imagination, , tied down, difficulty letting go. Problems associated with this chakra are problems of bones, feet, legs, colon, elimination, weight. Someone with a healthy root chakra will usually have a sense of security and safety in the world. They will be well- grounded, will have a sense of satisfaction with regard to their material resources ,will be at ease with their own body, as well as their life will have a relatively healthy body, with healthy bones, feet, legs, colon and adrenal glands.

Their bowels will function well, and they will have a healthy weight. You don’t have to overcome your fears all at once. Focus on the benefits of overcoming your fears which removes much of the emotional energy feeding them. Anxiety and fear are a memory of what was and what we are holding onto and placing it in our current life and what we imagine the future to be. What happened in the past to create the fear in the first place need not happen again and even if it does remember you are better equipped to cope with it after the first experience.

To clear your first chakra, you can practice deep breathing, walk barefoot or dance, wear red, use aroma oils such as cedar, patchouli or cedar. Meditation will also help. Recognize that we are responsible for the thoughts our minds produce. We can’t stop our minds from thinking but we can take control over them and create peace for ourselves. When negative thoughts or fear arise breathe deeply-abdominal breathing helps a lot.

“Incredible change happens in your life when you decide to take control of what you do have power over instead of craving control over what you don’t. ” ― Steve Maraboli, Life, the Truth, and Being Free Jin Shin Jyutsu is a gentle art that promotes optimal health and well-being and facilitates our own profound healing capacity. The Main Central Vertical Flow is the source of our life energy. This pathway runs down the centre of the front of the body and back up the spine. Harmonizing the Main Central regularly helps you feel centred and ensures that you will have plenty of energy.

Some people find it calming and use it to fall asleep, while others like to use it to clear away the cobwebs upon awakening. For optimum results, do this daily. Step 1: Place the fingers of the right hand on the top of the head (where they will remain until step 6). Place the fingers of the left hand o your forehead between your eyebrows. Hold for 2 to 5 minutes or until the pulses you feel at your fingertips synchronize with each other.

Step 2: Now move the left fingertips to the tip of the nose. Hold them there for 2 to 5 minutes, or until the pulses synchronize. Step 3: Move the left fingertips to your sternum (center of your chest between your breasts). Stay there for 2 to 5 minutes, or until the pulses synchronize. Step 4: Move your fingers to the base of your sternum (center of where your ribs start, above the stomach).

Hold them there for 2 to 5 minutes, or until the pulses synchronize. Step 5: Move your fingers to the top of your pubic bone (above the genitals, center). Stay there for 2 to 5 minutes, or until the pulses synchronize. Step 6: Keep your left fingertips in place and move your right fingertips to cover your coccyx (tailbone). Hold for 2 to 5 minutes or until the pulses you feel at your fingertips synchronize with each other.

Note: The right hand remains on the top of the head while the left hand moves down the body until the final step. Illustrated here is a basic and powerful Jin Shin Jyutsu® self-help tool for Panic or Anxiety Attacks. If a panic attack is particularly strong then I would go to SEL 1 on the inside of the knee (see the diagram). SEL 1 is THE place to hold in emergencies – keeps you BREATHING, and helps ease nausea and vomiting. Safety Energy Lock 1 is called The Prime Mover.

It is found on the inside (medial side) of the knees. It connects extreme heights with extreme depths and harmonises us from head to toe because it helps the descending energy (which moves down the front) and the ascending energy (which moves up the back). If you want to change your life, hold SEL 1 every day for an hour. There is an energy site on the outside of the wrist which is SEL 17 – it came into the universe meaning Reproductive Energy (as in generating new energy). Hold SEL 17 in emergencies to balance the nervous system.

It is great to alleviate anxiety and panic attacks; also good as a smelling salt if you feel faint. SEL 17 is also great instead of that Chocolate need in the middle of the afternoon when one needs a quick energy boost – it’s a quick reviver! Also helps with the development of intuition, and alleviates chest congestion. “Yes Therapy” is a very simple yet extremely powerful healing technique. It is kind of like a structured form of prayer and an update of the old Shen Gong Meditations of the Shun Shen Tao System.

“Yes Therapy” can be applied to any emotional, spiritual or physical problem. I have learned this technique from David Harris, who is a Grandmaster of the Shun Shen Tao System. Important Note: Before using this technique, either on yourself or on another person, make sure to read our disclaimer first – click here or go to the disclaimer section! 1. Ask your client or the person you want to work with for permission to apply this technique to them.

2. Ask the person for the problem, they want to work on. 3. Go through the following protocol, whereby you as the practioner will make a statement (fill in the blanks with the problem) and your client will simply acknowledge by saying “Yes! ” after each statement.

At the end of the protocol you will say, “Thank you! ” and your client will repeat after you: You: “There is … (this problem). ” You: “Can you remove … (this problem)? ” You: “Will you remove … (this problem)? ” 4.

After you’ve gone through these steps, wait a few minutes to let it work. I personally prefer to let the person rate the intensity (SUDS Level) of the problem first and then recheck to make sure that we are making some progress. SUDS (Subjective Units of Disturbance Scale) is a scale of 0 to 10 for measuring the subjective intensity of disturbance or distress currently experienced by an individual, whereby 0 is no intensity at all and 10 the worst possible. 6. Repeat the steps as necessary.

This specially applies to the more severe or chronic conditions, where it can take several sessions to resolve the problem. Practicioner: “There is damage in my body. ” Practitioner: “Can you remove the damage in my body? ” Practitioner: “Will you remove the damage in my body? ” Practitioner: “Please remove the damage in my body!

” Note: This technique can also be employed as a self treatment protocol, whereby you are making the statement and acknowledging it by saying “Yes! ” after each statement. You just don’t repeat the “Thank you! ” at the end of the protocol. If you don’t seem to make any progress with a client or an issue, you should assume that the person you are working with has put up some kind of resistance to the problem being solved or the treatment itself – at least on a subconscious level.

What you can do is to implement the protocol for resistance first. Practitioner: “There is resistance in my body. ” Practitioner: “Can you remove all resistance from my body? ” Practitioner: “Will you remove all resistance from my body? ” Practitioner: “Please remove all resistance from my body!

” “Touch and Go” (If you don’t know what the problem is): 1. Put your hand on whatever it is. (You actually don’t have to touch the area – and there might be several reasons not to do so. So you could just say: “Right here, where I’m thinking about. ”) 2.

Then say (self treatment protocol): “Right here where my hand is. ” – “Yes! ” “Can you remove the problems right here, where my hand is? ” – “Yes! ” “Will you remove the problems right here, where my hand is?

” – “Yes! ” “Please remove all the problems right here, where my hand is! ” – “Yes! ” According to David Harris the “Follow The Leader Technique” is a slight bit stronger than the “Yes Therapy Technique”, because you are getting more compliance by letting the person state each line along with you. You as the practitioner (leader) will make the statement and your client (the person you are working with) will repeat everything you say.

Practitioner: “There is … (damage in my body). ” – “Yes! ” Client: “There is … (damage in my body). ” – “Yes! ” Practitioner: “Can you remove … (the damage in my body)?

” – “Yes! ” Client: “Can you remove … (the damage in my body)? ” – “Yes! ” Practitioner: “Will you remove … (the damage in my body)? ” – “Yes!

” Client: “Will you remove … (the damage in my body)? ” – “Yes! ” Practitioner: “Please remove … (the damage in my body)! ” – “Yes! ” Client: “Please remove … (the damage in my body)!

” – “Yes! ” A couple of protocols to clean oneself up – as provided by Grandmaster David Harris: In the system of Shun Shen Tao there are three major categories and two side categories: physical stuff, spiritual stuff and emotional stuff. The two side categories are: energetic stuff and “the other” category. “Can you remove all spiritual problems from me? ” – “Yes!

” “Will you remove all spiritual problems from me? ” – “Yes! ” “Can you remove the emotional problems from me? ” – “Yes! ” “Will you remove the emotional problems from me?

” – “Yes! ” “Can you remove the physical problems from me? ” – “Yes! ” “Will you remove the physical problems from me? ” – “Yes!

” “Can you remove the energetic problems from me? ” – “Yes! ” “Will you remove the energetic problems from me? ” – “Yes! ” Other (anything else that is not covered in the above categories): “There are problems that would be considered other with me.

” – “Yes! ” “Can you remove all of the problems that would be considered other from me? ” – “Yes! ” “Will you remove all of the problems that would be considered other from me? ” – “Yes!

” “Please remove all of the problems that would be considered other from me! ” – “Yes! ” By going through this protocol every day – or on a regular basis -, you are giving yourself treatment in each one of these areas. You can be very specific or as vague as you want to be. If you want to learn more, you can watch Grandmaster David Harris’ videos by clicking on the links below: 1.

The “Yes” System of Healing (Basic Protocols) – Part 1 of 5 2. The “Yes” System of Healing (Basic Protocols) – Part 2 of 5 3. The “Yes” System of Healing (Basic Protocols) – Part 3 of 5 4. The “Yes” System of Healing (Basic Protocols) – Part 4 of 5 5. The “Yes” System of Healing (Basic Protocols) – Part 5 of 5 Art can be an effective tool in healing a person mentally and emotionally.

Art is a form of expression and outlet for each individual interested in performing the same. While expressing ourselves through art we free the body’s mechanisms to heal. Art therapy is helpful to those who have trouble expressing their problems. For instance you can make a painting expressing how you feel that day or make a painting reliving a particular trauma, wherein you pour the entire trauma into the art thereby releasing that event which held you captive. Music and art offer us modalities to express our feelings when sometimes we may be floundering for ways in which to express them.

With art we involve different parts of the brain to release our buried feelings and emotions. Creating something tangible helps build confidence and improves feelings of self-worth. Creative activity helps increase brain levels of serotonin, which helps combat depression. Art helps you manage stress. In art therapy, your inner world of feelings, thoughts, and ideas are always of primary importance to the experience.

It can open many doors for healing and growth. ”At the deepest level, the creative process and the healing process arise from a single source. When you are an artist, you are a healer; a wordless trust of the same mystery is the foundation of your work and its integrity. ” Rachel Naomi Remen, MD In Chinese medicine it is believed that the tongue reflects all the diseases of the body. A change in the appearance or feeling of the tongue could be related to the tongue itself or some other problem within your body.

One needs to check out the colour of the tongue body, its size and shape, the colour and thickness of its coating or fur, locations of cuts, lines or raised edges and moistness or dryness of the tongue body and fur which reveals  the overall states of health and  disharmonies in organ functions, especially in the digestive system. A tongue that is normal in size, without any fur, which is faintly pink in colour, of moderate moisture and its sensitivity is not disturbed indicates a normal healthy tongue. An unhealthy tongue will have cracks, ravines, thicker coating such as furry thick yellow or white, and may have patches, cuts, swellings and patches of darker red. Spleen diseases show up as a swelling and reddening of the tongue on the left side, Lung diseases as a white fur along the sides and the front part of a tongue, Gastrointestinal tract disturbance as a brownish fur, Kidneys diseases as a white fur along the sides of the back part of a tongue, Fever, diarrhoea, diabetes, anaemia as a dry tongue with many splits. A white coating on your tongue could mean that you are dehydrated or it could be a sign of thrush.

A sore tongue is a sure sign of nutrient deficiency and most likely to be Iron, Vitamin B6, or Niacin. Horizontal cracks across the tongue are a sign of malabsorption of Vitamin B most often seen in overweight individuals. Tongue is usually examined for no more than 15 seconds. If it’s done for a longer period, the tension may change the shape or colour. Your tongue is a good indicator of your overall health.

Art can be an effe ctive tool in mental health treatment. It is a spontaneous way to express  inner thoughts and feelings; it is a creative process, suitable for all ages, even for those who may be experiencing life changes, trauma or illness, causing distress for the individual and their family. Some of us find it difficult to verbalize our thoughts, feelings and emotions. It helps you to find safe ways to look at the issues from a new vantage point and to find solutions to problems and discover the deeper wisdom of your inner self. Art is a healing experience.

Art and emotions are closely linked. It has the power to alter moods and it allows one to express oneself imaginatively, and spontaneously which can lead to   personal fulfillment, emotional healing, and self control. It provides individuals with control over their communication. You can  deal with emotions like anger and sadness through art therapy. You can draw or paint what you are feeling.

You can choose colours according to the emotion you are feeling. You can use clay to mould into the shape you feel like at that point. Drawing in the dark is very useful as you need not have to worry if you are doing right which in itself could be very liberating. Art therapy helps you overcome trauma, grief, depression, helps you to look into yourself, helps you to be in the attitude of gratitude and most important of all helps you relax. “Art can permeate the very deepest part of us, where no words exist.

”  Eileen Miller Scientific research in both Asia and the west is providing hard evidence for the health benefits long associated with drinking green tea. Green tea helps in burning fat & increasing metabolism naturally due to the presence of catechin polyphenols. It helps in preventing tooth decay. Drinking green tea inhibits the growth of certain cancer cells, acts as an antibacterial and antiviral agent, helps in getting relief from influenza and diarrhoea, relieves stress and delays the onset of osteoporosis. Green tea antioxidants may possibly decrease the severity and occurrence of arthritis.

Green tea is also shown to help develop a healthy cholesterol blood profile by increasing HDL “good” cholesterol levels and lowering LDL “bad” cholesterol levels and prevents cardiovascular disease. It is a natural solution for any skin-related concern such as blemishes and wrinkles, warts, psoriasis and acne. It not just inhibits the growth of cancer cells but also helps in killing those dangerous cells without harming any healthy cell. It slows the onset of Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease. It helps to fend off infections and slows down the aging process.

The United Kingdom Tea Council recommends drinking not more than 6 cups of tea a day. For the best health benefits, 3 to 4 cups is recommended. Dr Scheussler devised the tissue salts as nutritional therapy. He noted that when there was a deficiency of certain ’tissue salts’ in the body certain symptoms would be produced. He concluded that that fastest way to resolve these symptoms was to reintroduce these substances into the body by taking them in the 6x dilution.

So these salts are used as a nutritional supplementation, according to symptoms. There are 12 basic tissue salts that can be used on their own, or in recommended combinations, to treat a very wide variety of ailments. They are: 1: Calc fluor – Maintains elasticity of tissues in the body. It can be used for conditions resulting from weak muscular or supportive tissue such as varicose veins, poor circulation, haemorrhoids, constipation, strained tendons and ligaments, prolapsed organs, hardened skin, reduces formation of stretch marks. 2: Calc phos – Cell restorer.

It is found mainly in the bones and forms a hard structure. It can be found in all other cells. As a cell salt one can apply Calcium phosphate to stimulate the immune system, to regenerate after protracted illnesses, to treat allergies and eczemas. 3: Calc sulf –Can be used to treat Pimples, sore throat, cold, all conditions arising from impurities in the blood. Calcium Sulphate helps clear away accumulations of non-functional decaying matter.

This material may otherwise lay dormant or slowly decay and damage surrounding tissue. It is beneficial for slow wound healing, during the last stage of suppuration, for pimples, boils, ulcers, abscesses, etc. 4: Ferr phos – Anti-inflammatory. Provides relief by Cooling overheated or inflamed conditions, Fighting bleeding, Fighting inflammation, Strengthening the blood vessels, The formation of red blood cells, Transporting oxygen (in the blood) 5: Kali mur – Detoxifying agent. Can be used to treat Sluggish conditions, catarrhs, sore throat, glandular swelling, white coloured tongue, light coloured stools, coughs, and colds.

Potassium Chloride may assist with the temporary relief of minor respiratory disorders. It also aids the reduction of mucus congestion curing colds and sinusitis. It is beneficial for the lymphatic glands and where there is glandular swelling. It is useful for problems such as ulcerated sore throat, tonsillitis, catarrhal infection of the middle ear. 6: Kali phos – Nerve and brain cell agent.

Can be administered to combat Insomnia, Lack of energy, Apathy, Low pain threshold, Anxiety, Muscle weakness, Depression, Nightmares, Crying spells, Irritability, Stress, Poor memory 7: Kali sulf – Metabolism, pancreas conditioner. Provides help with Liver function, Normalising the mucous membranes, Oxygenating the cells, together with Ferr. Phos. , Oxygen transport in the blood, Pain relief, Some skin conditions like eczema. 8: Mag phos – Pain and cramp killer.

It is a good remedy for complaints of a spasmodic nature, as in colic, menstruation cramps, palpitations, spasmodic cough, toothache, neuralgia, baby´s colic and treatment of muscular cramps, spasms and minor nerve problems. 9: Nat mur – Water distributor. Provides relief with Distributing water for skin conditions, Hay fever, Mucous membrane conditions, Runny nose, Strong emotional issues like anger, depression and irritability, 10: Nat phos – Acidity neutraliser. Stiffness and swelling of the joints, acidic blood conditions, rheumatism, lumbago, worms, golden-yellow coating at root of tongue, helps maintain the alkalinity of the blood, keeps uric acid soluble in the blood, may help young children who have been fed too much sugar and are suffering from an acid condition of the system and aids the temporary relief of gastric indigestion, dyspepsia, heartburn, intestinal worms, and mild rheumatic tendencies. 1 1: Nat sulf – Liver cleanser.

Provides relief in cases of Fluid retention, Nausea, Liver problems, Detoxification, High Cholesterol, Intolerant of alcohol, Constipation, Heavy metal poisoning, Arthritis with swelling. 12: Silicea – Skin and connective tissue conditioner. It is an anti-stress tissue salt. A deficiency results in symptoms that could include irritability, noise or light sensitivity, feelings of aggression, and involuntary twitching of the eyes or facial muscles. It also removes degenerative matter from the body and is the biochemical remedy for abscesses, sties, boils and pimples.

Due to its ability to remove foreign matter from the body, Silica should not be used for extended periods by people with implants or foreign objects in their body. 1. Use a tea tree oil shampoo or add a few drops of tea tree oil to your regular shampoo. 2. After washing your hair, rinse your hair with a teaspoon of fresh lime juice.

3. Rub your scalp with apple cider vinegar wrap your head with a towel. Remove after one hour and wash hair. 4. Do not scratch your scalp; it would make the dandruff worst.

5. Boil neem leaves in water and use this water to rinse hair. 6. Soak fenugreek seeds overnight in water, grind in the morning to make a paste. Apply this paste on scalp and hair and leave it on for half an hour.

Wash off with shampoo. 7. Apply aloe Vera gel on the scalp. Leave on for 15 minutes and wash off with shampoo. 8.

Massage the scalp regularly with olive oil. It will not only cure dandruff but will also prevent it from occurring. HELP WITH BACH FLOWERS TO CONTROL HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE Flower remedies for high blood pressure (hypertension) are generally safe to use. Disharmony of the mind and emotions is thought to be the breeding ground for all illnesses. Red Chestnut is for those who are always anxious about other people and worry incessantly about them and Willow for those who have bitterness and resentment toward life.

Impatiens can lend patience and tolerance to those who become intolerant and frustrated with other people easily. Holly can be used to treat hatred and jealousy and helps in calming down people who are prone to outbursts of temper. You can take Mimulus, if you feel that anxiety or fear about specific things is contributing to your high blood pressure, or Aspen, if you have feelings of foreboding. Agrimony–if you tend to mask pain under a smiling, cheerful exterior and Beech–if you are a perfectionist. Although these remedies will help make sure to address your mental state as well.

If emotional eating is a problem for you then Bach Flower Remedies will make all the difference. Here are some remedies based on your thought pattern. Agrimony – if you find yourself comfort eating, to stop thinking about your problems or uncomfortable feelings this remedy, will get rid of your inner restlessness and replace it with inner peace and happiness. Chestnut Bud – if you are a yo-yo dieter. When you don’t learn from the past and keep repeating the same mistakes then this is a remedy for you.

It will help you to break your bad eating habits and learn from your past experience. Centaury – to help you say ‘no’ to food you can’t resist. It will allow you to develop your willpower and to stay true to what you want for yourself. Cherry Plum – if you have cravings, it will allow you to stay calm, even when you feel like having a second serving Crab Apple – if you have a poor body image and are obsessed with the details of diets. It will cleanse you and help you get rid of toxins and of toxic thoughts.

Gentian – if you are easily set back, pessimistic and despondent when something goes wrong. If you have negative thoughts about your ability to lose weight or give up easily when you don’t lose weight immediately. It will keep you feeling positive and you will be able to deal with obstacles as they arise. Holly – if you eat to appease your anger, jealousy and hatred. Hornbeam – If the thought of attempting to lose weight makes you feel tired or if you procrastinate starting a diet or exercise programme, then Hornbeam will help.

Impatiens – if you are impatient and can’t wait to get to your target weight. When your weight loss isn’t happening and you decide to start another diet or exercise schedule then Impatiens will help you to be calm and  relaxed  patient and allow things to take their natural course. Larch – if you lack confidence in your ability to lose weight and have low self-esteem, it helps if you. If you have any self-limiting beliefs, regarding your workout or diet. Mimulus – if you feel anxious about food and are frightened about eating certain foods or have phobias about food.

Mimulus also helps if you are shy and nervous about joining a health club. Pine – if you feel guilty about food and beat yourself up if you eat something you believe is ‘wrong’ or if you feel guilty if you leave food on your plate stops you from judging yourself too harshly or feeling you don’t deserve to be slim. It sets you free from feelings of guilt, unworthiness and self-reproach and helps you to accept yourself, respect and love yourself. White Chestnut if you are constantly thinking about your weight issues. Rock Water – helps if you are rigid in your diet and follow a very strict self-imposed regime with no flexibility.

It will help you regain bit of balance and flexibility into your life. Walnut – helps if you easily lose your focus. It will help you stick to your diet and exercise. It will help you to release yourself from addictions to food and to cope with change.

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